By the expert’s assessment, “Furshet” is one of the largest companies of retail trade in Ukraine. About 70 shops and internet-supermarket belong to the company. In 2006 the receipts of the company were $481 millions. There are discount cards, Internet-shop and delivery system of orders in Kiev and Kiev region for client’s comfort.
Supermarkets “Silpo” are self-services shops; the assortment is about 20 thousand of food and other goods, depending on the object’s trade size. In Ukraine “Silpo” is one of the largest networks, which counts about 160 shops in Kiev and in other Ukrainian regions. The supermarkets “Silpo” are included in the commercial and industrial group of Ukrainian companies - «Fozzy Group».

„Welyka Kishenya” is a one of the largest national networks of retail trade in Ukraine.  There are 45 shops “Welyka Kishenya” in 24 cities. By the results of the international festival - competition “Choice of year – 2009” - “Welyka Kishenya” is the best network of supermarkets in Ukraine. In the supermarkets “Welyka Kishenya” you can choose a necessary thing (15-25 thousand of goods). In the hypermarkets this choice is more than 50 thousand of goods.

“Karavan Megastore” is a well-known trade – entertaining center in Ukraine (popular format of shopping mall). The first “Karavan” was opened in October, 31, 2003 in Kiev. The basic leaseholder of the complex became food hypermarket “Karavan”. The trade area of hypermarket is about 7,0 thousands m². Hypermarket “Karavan” is a leader in receipts on m² trade area in Ukraine, by the results 2005 this index was about $8,0 thousands. Hypermarket offers an enormous choice of products from national and European producers, high-quality clothes for all ages, children’s commodities, car-commodities and domestic appliances.
The first hypermarket “Auchan” was opened in March 29, 2008 in Kiev. It is the largest hypermarket – discounter in the city. “Auchan” offers a big choice of high-quality fresh products and other goods to the clients. Also in “Auchan” you can find a huge choice of goods from the cheapest commodities to the de luxe commodities. The assortment will satisfy the necessities of any client.
A network of hypermarkets “Auchan” is in 12 countries of the world, including countries EU, Russia and China. It has 413 hypermarkets, 708 supermarkets and a network of shops-specialists for building materials, sporting commodities, electronics and clothes.
Presently network of hypermarkets "Megamarket" numbers 5 trade - entertaining centers (4 in Kiev and 1 in Brovary). Network of supermarkets "Megamarket" offers more than 45 000 names of goods. You can buy anything you want in the supermarkets or in the Internet-shop “Megamarket on-line”.

Metro Cash & Carry started to develop in Ukraine from opening in 2003 first center of wholesale trade in Kiev. The company’s investments in development are about 460 millions euro.  There are 7 000 workplaces in 25 wholesale shops and also in the main office in Kiev. The wholesale shops offer an assortment about 29 000 names of food and nonfood products. “Metro Cash and Carry Ukraine” cooperates with 1 300 Ukrainian and international companies. Ukrainian producers, distributors and importers provide the company with 90% of goods.
All - Ukrainian network of supermarkets "Eko -market" have 68 shop in 24 cities of Ukraine. About 7,0 thousands persons work in the company. There are food stuffs, domestic chemistry and domestic commodities of daily necessity in the supermarkets. Also you can find cookery and bakeries productions.  There are own confectioneries in some supermarkets.